A While Ago…

It has been more than a year since I last wrote in this blog.

Surprisingly, I still get some occasional visits, mainly due to this little book review. Maybe I should really review more books on this blog. More than one would certainly not hurt this blog’s immense popularity. Unfortunately, there is a small obstacle: I have very little time to read outside my LSE classes. I think book reviews about marketing research, international context of management, and economic histories of Russia, Japan, and India occupy a little bit to small of niche. In addition, searching and applying for graduate jobs isn’t exactly adding hours to my time budget.

But, hey, this could be a good signal! I think book reviews strongly suggest two things: (1) I can read and (2) I do read.

But, seriously, I think I should better use this blog to connect to other blogs. Join the conversation, so to speak.

The main reason for my less-than-triumphant return to WordPress and Twitter was Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford–event that have brought Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to Oxford University for tenth consecutive year.  I haven’t heard WordPress guys speak (and I don’t know if they were there), but LinkedIn co-founder Reed Hoffman and Twitter guy Biz Stone have done a good job promoting their respective  (and respectable) services. And from the general buzz at the conference I have gathered that social media is not just a marketing phenomenon or a way ingenious new way for college students to waste best years of their lives, but a next step in business community evolution. Simply put, the world is becoming more and more transparent and personal and professional connections are not exceptions.


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