My name is Vladimir Shamanov.

I was born in Russia and I have lived most of my life in Moscow. After graduating from LSE, I live and work in London. You can read more about me on my LinkedIn.

My current interests could be divided into four areas:


I stud management, but I am most interested in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Innovation (especially, Business Model Innovation), and CSR.

Social Media 

While after Facebook’s IPO the buzz might go down a bit, social media is still the most significant innovation that is changing everything. I interested to learn how ‘social’ can change the way we communicate with  organisations, politicians, and most importantly with each other.


Living and studying in three capitals–Moscow, Washington D.C., and London–have certainly affected me. I had a chance to study and engage with ideas that are on the border between business and development, for-profit and non-profit. I am talking about Social Entrepreneurship, Social Business, Triple Bottom Line, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Business at the Base of the Pyramid (BOP 2.0 way). These things are not widely known in Russia and I hope to facilitate the discussion.

When talking about “Society,” I really include the Planet in the definition. We can’t just view humankind without thinking about our link to other species and the biosphere that we share. To me, this means living sustainably, being Green, recycling, reusing, reducing, and learning about the effects of our actions. Additional buzzwords are sustainable agriculture, organic food, alternative energy and carbon footprint reduction.

I truly believe that all these ideas have a huge potential and I am looking forward to experiment with them! If you have any ideas/news/resources/requests, contact me!

Travel / Globalized life

As fun as it might seem, living between the worlds actually has its drawbacks. Living far away from the loved ones is one of them. Having a huge carbon footprint is another. Nevertheless, I enjoy traveling, learning languages, and meeting people from different cultures.


This is a large part of me. I have background in Fine Arts and Architecture–I have studied it since really early age. As I visit different galleries and exhibitions around the world, I will share my thoughts on this blog. Last, but not least, I enjoy reading. I enjoy a lot. I am fortunate enough to be able to read great literature in English and Russian, and I hope to add French and other languages!


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