As a part of research for my new project I have done a Gogle search in Russian on “social entrepreneurship”. The results are: 1,160,000 pages found. To put in perspective: Google gives 5,500,000 results for “entrepreneurship” (in Russian). To compare, in English the results are 5,200,000 and 16,200,000 results for “social entrepreneurship” and “entrepreneurship,” respectively.

Here is a youtube video about the winner of the pilot competition (a family of artists who teach unemployed mothers of three or more kids to create woolen dolls), started by NB-Forum in a search for social enterprises:

It’s all great, but look at the numbers. In case you don’t speak Russian, the narrator says:

“in Rybinsk, there are more than 250 unemployed mothers …. . At least ten of them will have a job now”

It’s really nice what these people do, but they don’t solve the problem. Not even 5 % of the tiny target population is impacted. The problem is that this venture doesn’t innovate the processes. I am not talking about high-tech or anything. I mean that the main processes are just the same they were before the venture. The other problem is that the venture has zero capital–it completely relies on the two people to teach and the others to learn and produce.

Next, look at the number of views this video got. 500! and it’s the winner and it was published 5 months ago..

Also, look at the type of sources, that Google gives on the first page–there is an interesting observation to be made. They are all scholarly: published by universities, foundations, research institutes, etc. A specific blog-search on Russian gives 63 blog entries that contain “social entrepreneurship”… Compare it with 40,000 entries for “entrepreneurship.” This just shows that VERY few people besides experts know what the social entrepreneurship is.

I am going to ponder about that. I feel like I have so stuff to share with Runet.