Hmm. For whatever reason the autopost on Posterous doesn’t seem to be working. But I’ve started an attempt to get blogging on 



It has been more than a year since I last wrote in this blog.

Surprisingly, I still get some occasional visits, mainly due to this little book review. Maybe I should really review more books on this blog. More than one would certainly not hurt this blog’s immense popularity. Unfortunately, there is a small obstacle: I have very little time to read outside my LSE classes. I think book reviews about marketing research, international context of management, and economic histories of Russia, Japan, and India occupy a little bit to small of niche. In addition, searching and applying for graduate jobs isn’t exactly adding hours to my time budget.

But, hey, this could be a good signal! I think book reviews strongly suggest two things: (1) I can read and (2) I do read.

But, seriously, I think I should better use this blog to connect to other blogs. Join the conversation, so to speak.

The main reason for my less-than-triumphant return to WordPress and Twitter was Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford–event that have brought Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to Oxford University for tenth consecutive year.  I haven’t heard WordPress guys speak (and I don’t know if they were there), but LinkedIn co-founder Reed Hoffman and Twitter guy Biz Stone have done a good job promoting their respective  (and respectable) services. And from the general buzz at the conference I have gathered that social media is not just a marketing phenomenon or a way ingenious new way for college students to waste best years of their lives, but a next step in business community evolution. Simply put, the world is becoming more and more transparent and personal and professional connections are not exceptions.

Hello World!

My name is Vladimir Shamanov.

This is the first post on my personal blog on I have been contemplating to become a blogger for quite some time. Finally, the time has come and here I am!

This blog will be a one stop to find out about the world through my own lenses. This blog will be a reflection of my values, priorities, interests, and events that happen with me or around me.

I think in two languages and I will write this blog in two languages as well: Английский + Russian. It doesn’t mean, though, that I will use them in equal degrees–I’ll do as I feel. It’s my blog after all!

You can read more about my vision for this blog on the approriate page.

I think this blog will be interesting and I hope I will have determination to keep it running!